Air Europa, the airline company of the Globalia tourism group, is a full member of the SkyTeam alliance. Last year it carried 9 million passengers, making it the second largest Spanish airline in this regard. Committed to the environment and with state-of-the-art technology, Air Europa has the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Globalia

    Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A. is the largest Spanish tourism group in relation to volume of sales. Its founder and chairman is Juan José Higaldo, a self-made businessman who started out in the industry at the beginning of the 1970s


    These days Globalia’s activities extend across Europe, America, the Caribbean and North Africa.


    The main companies that form Globalia are grouped into 6 large business areas:

    Air Division

    Air Europa was the first private airline in Spain to operate scheduled domestic and later international flights, breaking Iberia’s monopoly in the country.

    Retail Division

    This is made up of the Halcón and Ecuador network of travel agencies. The two brands also trade via their own websites on the internet.

    Wholesale Division

    Travelplan has emerged as the leading tour operator in the Spanish market, both in terms of number of destinations and number of passengers. In 2009 it sold almost one and a half million package holidays. Its programme is supported by Air Europa’s network of scheduled and charter flights, but also covers all manner of products and destinations. Tours programmed on the Spanish and European rail network are managed through Iberrail, a tour operator that specialises in high speed trains. In March 2003 Travelplan took over the company Iberotours, with its commercial brand, Touring Club. In 2007 it acquired 50% of MK Tour, a North American tour operator based in Miami that specialises in packages to the Dominican Republic.

    Hotel Division

    Be Live Hoteles is the group’s hotel firm. In the last four years it has experienced rapid growth and now has a total of 25 hotels in its portfolio, which it manages, rents or owns.

    Ground Handling Division

    Groundforce is the company responsible for servicing aircraft on the ground, loading and unloading luggage and dealing with check in. It is the second largest ground handler in Spain according to volume of operations.

    Road Transport

    Globalia Autocares is the company with the longest tradition in the group and is one of the oldest in the sector. It was created in 1970 by Juan José Hidalgo and his brother Juan Antonio. It is focused on the private bus sector and its activities cover Spain and Europe.

  • Background

    1986 – The company was established under the Air Europa name.

    1991 – A group of investors headed by Juan José Hidalgo acquired the company.

    1993 – Air Europa started operating scheduled domestic flights, breaking Iberia’s monopoly in Spain.

    1994 – The Madrid-Barcelona route was established, challenging Iberia on one of its most profitable routes.

    1995 – Air Europa started flights to London and New York, opening itself up to the scheduled international flight market.

    1996 – Air Europa operated more than 750 scheduled flights a week and established new routes to Paris, Varadero (Cuba), Salvador da Bahia (Brazil), Asturias, Bilbao and Vigo.
    E-Talonair 20 was launched.

    1998 – Juan José Hidalgo grouped his companies together in the Globalia Corporación Empresarial.

    1999 – Air Europa incorporated the first 6 Boeing 737 Next Generation.

    2000 – Air Europa incorporated the first Boeing 767-300 for its transatlantic routes and launched its client loyalty scheme known as "Fidelitas", which came to have 130,000 members.
    Air Europa began its first code-share flights with the company Alitalia, from MAD and BCN to 11 domestic destinations.

    2002 - Air Europa incorporated winglet technology to its new B737-800s, making considerable fuel savings possible and reducing environmental pollution.

    2003 - Air Europa consolidated its agreements and alliances with companies such as Aeropostal, Air France, Air Luxor, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, KLM, Malev, Southern Winds and Tunisair.
    2004 – Along with other investors, Air Europa obtained the licence to be the second ground handling operator at 5 airports in Morocco. Air Europa started direct flights to Quito, Guayaquil, Prague and Warsaw.

    2005 – Air Europa became the first Spanish airline to make direct flights to China.
    In October, the ground handling division, Globalia Handling, merged its various companies into a single commercial brand, Groundforce.

    2006 – By the end of the year the company had 37 aircraft, which had carried more than 9 million passengers. Operating revenues were around one billion euros.

    2007 - Air Europa started two new transatlantic routes to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Its fleet of 40 aircraft is among the most modern in Europe, with an average age of 3.5 years per aircraft. On 1st September the company officially joined the SkyTeam alliance, adopting the prestigious Flying Blue card as its loyalty scheme.

    2008 - Air Europa announced that it had reserved 8 Boeing 787 Next Generation aircraft which will be added to its fleet from 2012. It became the first and only airline in the world to participate in the first phase of the AIRE Oceanic Program, which aims to reduce emissions on transatlantic flights.

    2009 - Air Europa continued adding new routes to Lisbon, London, Venice, New York and Miami. It participated in the second phase of the AIRE Oceanic Program, which aims to reduce emissions on transatlantic flights.

    2010 - Air Europa established a non-stop route between Madrid and Lima and another between Madrid and Miami, which was added to the route that had begun operating in 2009 between Tenerife and Florida. On June 1 the Asturias-Madrid route started operating with four daily flights. In July the company became a full member of SkyTeam, which it joined in 2007 as an associate member, institutionalising its participation in decision-making processes to all effects.

    2011 - Air Europa adds two A330-200s to its fleet and launches the Air Europa credit card. After analyzing 130 airline companies from all over the world, the German organization Atmosfair compiles an environmental efficiency report in which it concludes that Air Europa is the most efficient medium- and long-haul operator. 

    2012 -Air Europa reports a record year with respect to new routes opened, not only in Europe (Brussels, Geneva), but also in Africa (Banjul, the capital of the Gambia) and the Americas (Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia). It receives two noteworthy acknowledgements regarding quality: the EMAS for environmental management and the Madrid ‘Excelente’ classification. It formalizes the acquisition of the eight Boeing 787s to be added to its fleet as of 2016. 

    2013 - Air Europa opens new routes to A Coruña, Montevideo and begins operation of the Madrid-Sao Paulo route. The US flight tracker “FlightStats” ranks Air Europa as the world’s sixth most punctual airline for February with an on-time arrivals index of over 97%.

    2014 - Air Europa inaugurates its Madrid-Frankfurt and Madrid-Munich routes, both with two daily flights; and in May it begins its regular services between Madrid and San Juan in Puerto Rico. In June Air Europa also opens its Madrid-Miami route, with onward flights between Miami and Punta Cana, and at the end of the year it adds Porto and Ouarzazate, in southern Morocco, to its network of destinations.

    2015 - Air Europa announces that it is placing a new order with Boeing for fourteen 787-9 Dreamliners in addition to the eight B787s already acquired by the company.  Flights begin between Madrid and Tel Aviv and Madrid and Asunción and the company starts its daily service to Miami using a Boeing 787 rented from LOT. The airline also begins its inter-island flights.

    Air Europa initiates its modernization plan and presents its new image and the new SUMA loyalty program. It also becomes the first airline to fit its entire fleet out with defibrillators. 

    The company reaches new codeshare agreements with Korean Air, Avianca Brazil, Seaborne and Air Serbia.

  • Quality, Safety and R&D&I

  • Alliances


    • On 1st September the company officially joined the SkyTeam.
    • 20 member airlines provide you comprehensive access to an extensive global network with 1,052 destinations, plus more frequencies and more connectivity than ever before.
  • Codeshares

    Associated Companies

    • On some flights, your ticket will have the Air Europa code and flight number, but some or all of your flights may be operated by one of our associate companies.

    • The agreements reached with our associate companies mean we can offer a considerable number of advantages:

      • A single ticket
      • single check-in
      • connections with minimal waiting times
      • benefits for Air Europa frequent flyers and
      • access to VIP lounges at airports.

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